Shared Governance Participants Wanted

image depicting connection of various people for a common purpose

Shared Governance is looking for student participants from any campus throughout the district - meetings can be attended in-person or via web conferencing. 

Interested in having your voice heard in the making of college policies, plans and guidelines?

Shared Governance is looking for students for 3 councils (additional council positions will open in the summer). Earn up to $300 per semester and add valuable experience to your resume. The three councils currently with open positions are:

Academic Council

Meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 2:30 - 4 p.m.

Finance Council

Meets 1st Wednesdays & 3rd Thursdays, 1-3 p.m.

Student Affairs Council

Meets 1st & 3rd Fridays, 9-11 a.m.

For more information on these and all councils, view the student application on the Shared Governance website. You can also email with any questions.