What is Handshake?

Madison College welcomes Handshake - a nationally recognized job hosting site used by colleges and universities as well as many local and national employers.

All current students have accounts waiting to be activated in Handshake. When you create your Handshake profile, you highlight your interests, your studies, and what you’re looking for in a job. You select the locations you’d like to work and what job roles interest you most. Handshake takes this info and shows you jobs and internships that might be a good fit for you.

Madison College on-campus student employment opportunities can also be found in Handshake. Handshake is the only job-hosting tool that connects Madison College students with employers seeking their specific skills.

You can email JobPostings@madisoncollege.edu for more information. Do you have questions about how to find a job or internship on Handshake? Check out the full list of Frequently Asked Questions on Handshake.

If you are ready to create a Handshake profile that attracts the right employers to your interests? See this Guide To Handshake Profiles.

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