Students invited to create own equity murals

The Yahara Journal asked Madison artist Tony Catteruccia to create a mural that celebrates racial equity as a way to help illustrate the role art can have as a medium of change.

Catteruccia was one of many artists who participated in the downtown Madison mural project this summer. His newest work is currently on display in the Truax Campus Student Life Office.

The mural was completed on Sept. 25, and the Yahara Journal created a time-lapse video of Catteruccia working to share.

Now, the Yahara Journal is inviting students to create and share their own equity-themed artwork.  Students can use any graphic design software or scan an image of their artwork and send it to We’d prefer items be sent as PDFs or JPGs.

The Yahara Journal will accept submissions throughout the remainder of the semester. Artwork received will then be printed and pieced together to create a collaborative patchwork mural that can be displayed both virtually and on campus.

For more information about the Patchwork Mural project, contact the Yahara Journal at

Student Involvement